Wednesday, 27 June 2007


We stumble and fall constant
even the most enlighted persons

When we are in a real spritual darkness
we dont even realise we did fall

वी स्तुम्ब्ले ऎंड फाल कोन्स्तंत,एवें थे मोस्ट इंलिघ्तेद पेर्सोंस

व्हें वी अरे इन अ रियल स्प्रितुअल दर्क्नेस्स वी डोंट एवें रेअलिसे वी दीद फाल


Hearts said...

hi, thanks for popping by. I read the comment in your last entry. Someone called you Sweeti. Are you Sweeti from MSN? Just wondering. coz I had a webpage on MSN but deleted it.

Well as for your entry.... I hope, that when I'm in spiritual darkness i realise it... realise how much I need God. ;)
Take care.

deeps said...

neitther did i know u were here infinitely!

but no updates!!! thats something unbecoming of MJ .. ummm

cold n frozen?

Caroline said...


Seth@ChaosHQ's said...

With people it's almost as though the term "perfectly imperfect" makes sense, since perfection in everyway possible means that he or she would be perfect for every circumstance which might come their way in the future.
I wouldn't want to be perfect, how boring that would be.