Wednesday, 16 March 2011


WLS died so we had to go to another meetng place I had Blogger so i opened it again But WLS copied all my entries to WP i decided to stay on WP
if u like to visit here is the link
I miss a lot of WLS friends.Hope we can meet again.

and this is my link to our project Wp


michiko said...

Hi sweeti san,
I've lost my dreams in WLS which was pretty much died and Wordsplace is another one, I must said IF I don't have a few a good friends ...
I don't care very much about blogging
it must be your spring times?
Have a great day,

Joe said...

I'm seriously not a fan of Wordpress however I do follow some people there. I will remain here with my wife on blogger.

Beth said...

I don't like wordpress but I will continue to follow your posts on there.

rama said...

You know I clicked when they said to click to transfer everything automatically to Wp, it was very smooth, but starting to write and make friends here was very difficult, and it was kind of very boring getting all the things right, because it is not user friendly, though some people like it.
I just signed into blogger, and have been coping some of my old blogs here, as and when i want them. The Wp is just like a place where I have stored all my blogs safely. I don't use it at all.
I am sure you too can transfer everything here in a much easier way, you can look up in the internet for help in this matter. I just keep on coping and saving them as draft in this site along with the photos too.
I am not very computer savvy.

rama said...

I did nothing all my documents which includes photos were all automatically migrated to word press from Windows. They had given quite a lot of time for us to do it, they informed about it months before they changed things. I am sure you have many good friends who are using blogspot, who will definitely be able to guide you better than me.
Otherwise like me you have to go to the net and find a way for it. For every problem one can depend on the internet to get you an answer.

rama said...

you can email me :

Seth@ChaosHQ's said...

I moved over to Wordpress when MSN Live Spaces closed down. I enjoy Wordpress but I do not like some of the drama that I have been sucked in to, despite letting certain people know that I am not interested in being in the middle of their BS. I moved over to Blogger, as I do have friends that are on Blogger that are not on Wordpress, and I can stay in contact with them also.
Simply put, I am on Blogger and Wordpress but if you notice, my pages are mirror images of one another.
Catch up with you soon.. :)

The Tame Lion said...

Let's stay in touch, my friend. :)

N@nc! said...

thanks for following me :)
I am following you too!

Seth@ChaosHQ's said...

Without a doubt, a Mother's love is something that we keep locked deep in our hearts, always knowing it will be there to comfort us...
"Happy Momma's Day"
... to all Mothers, Mother's-To-Be, Mothers that have left us behind and those that have stepped in to fill a void.

Well. I am a lucky guy because I can follow you on Wordpress. :)

deeps said...

yes MJ some things get too close in to our hearts... like Sri Lanka for you

Seth@ChaosHQ's said...

T.G.I.F. -- Here's hoping that you will make the most of this weekend. And remember, as long as you're happy and smiling, doesn't matter how crazy people think you are.

Vijay Krishnan said...

I had my blog at blogspot the same time I was on spaces. I used to cross post...images I uploaded on spaces, I uploaded here as well. I guess that "backup" has paid off :)

But starting a new blog has its advantages. You can again be what you wanna be, a new you!

Seth@ChaosHQ's said...

::Seth waves:: Leaving you a quick greeting and hoping that you are enjoying a relaxing afternoon.

Tina-chiyo said...

Hi, Sweetie!
We've lost many friends and the motivation up blog,,,x(
How're u doing?
My space used to be cheer me up by comments but so silent on my blog now.
Visit me sometimes.

Tina-chiyo said...

How're you, Sweetie?

I have a big news!!
I'm pregnant.
I had not much morning sickness and didn't notice at early stage.
I'm going to be mum on Sepxx

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Beste Marijke,

Marijke said...
we have been in Java Bali and Sulawesi its a diamond I will come back to read more posts Are u dutch??

Ja, geboren in Limburg, Nederland en al bijna 29 jaar geïmmigreerd. We hebben veel gedaan in Indonesië om de armsten van de armsten ook wat bij te brengen. Ook in zuid India werkten we. Tevens brachten we altijd persoonlijk cash naar een melaatsen colonie buiten Jakarta. Daar zijn we vaak geweest, ook met camera om het voor mensen die het nóóit gezien hebben (lees: er gewoon aan voorbij gaan...) ook onder ogen te brengen. Als je in zo'n staatsziekenhuis voor melaatsen bent geweest en op de compounds van zo'n colonie waar 800 families proberen te existeren, dat loutert je. Een duitse Jezuiet destijds hielp hun omdat ze nog steeds door de samenleving worden uitgestoten, zoals in bijbelse tijden. Maar goed, het is een vergeten groep omdat het politically more correct is om je voor de Aids patiënten in te zetten. Terwijl dat vaak het gevolg is van een leefgewoonte. Melaatsen kunnen er niets aan doen...
Lieve groetjes,

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Beste Marijke,

Vergat nog te melden dat we al sinds 1993 amerikaanse staatsburgers zijn maar natuurlijk verander je níet.
De hele familie woont in Nederland.

^.^ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, M ... so much appreciated ... Love, cat.

^.^ said...

... and welcome to blogger ... it has treated me well ... so far ... Love, cat.